I can change your mind about Climate Change on the ABC

ON THURSDAY THE ABC will be airing the documentary - I can change your mind about … climate (26 April, 8:30pm AEST) which tells the story of two diametrically opposed protagonists: A conservative politician, former Senator Nick Minchin, who is well known for his opposition to climate science and also for opposing the notion that second-hand tobacco smoke is detrimental to your health, and a young climate activist, the founder and chair of the Australian Youth Climate Coalition, Anna Rose, who heads a grassroots organization of 57,000 members.

The narrative of this documentary is that Anna seeks to change Nick’s mind about climate change, while Nick is trying to change hers. They travel around the world together, meeting up with supporters of their respective positions, discussing the scientific evidence and challenging each other’s positions.

The documentary will be followed by a Q&A panel, consisting of the two main protagonists (antagonists?) Nick and Rose, and no — not climate scientists, but mining magnate Clive Palmer, and social researcher and writer Rebecca Huntley, and the chief executive of the CSIRO Dr Megan Clark. This ought to make for some lively coverage, given that Clive Palmer has recently alleged that the CIA funded Greenpeace to harm Australian industrial interests.