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ARECA is the forum for connecting with other like-minded Australians who care about the future of the planet and believe in the potential of renewable power.  You don’t have to install solar, run your car on biodiesel, use wind, water or geothermal to power your home in order to be passionate about a renewably powered future for this great country of ours. Some of you have switched to renewables, others are researching and questioning, some have issues with solar installed under Government boom and bust schemes.  Whether you want to reach out to other renewable users and believers, get help with a problem, talk to an expert or just put your hand up and be counted as someone who wants politicians to listen to the renewable groundswell . . . ARECA is there for you.

ARECA is your voice, your helpmate, your sounding board and forum for all things renewable.   ARECA brings us all together to speak with one united voice.

ARECA makes people power the greatest force for a renewable future.


More homeowners want to switch to solar - April 10, 2014

With both the Federal & State Governments making it harder and harder to switch to solar its great to still hear that more and more people actually want to make the switch. Lets get serious about out planets future, its … Continue reading

Solar Credit Scheme Scraped - November 16, 2012

The Federal Government has today announced the scraping of the Solar Credits Multiplier from January 1, 2013.  The Solar Credits mechanism was introduced in 2009 to make solar more affordable for Australia’s homeowners and help build a fledgling industry. Once … Continue reading

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